Region Gallery

Barn, pictures, mosaic, man working. Table on carpet.
Food, market place, garlic, bottles, steam.
Sausages, ribs, smoke, barbeque, colour.
Blue scanty dresses and scarves. Dancing ladies.
White walls, market stall, flags and tapestry.
Street market, wooden stalls, leather goods, sewing machine.
Flags, banners, railings, wrought iron balconies.
White walls, market stall, flags and tapestry.
Ladies with braided hair and embroidered dresses.
Strret, fire, wood, smoke, cooking pot. Man.
Red, blue, yellow, green, orange lamps and tapestries.
Ornate lamps mosaic glass multi coloured.
Lamps, round glass shades of many colours. mosaic finishes.
Hills, fields, village of low houses, blue sky.
Mountain, grey rocks, vista, blue sky.
Rocks at peak of mountain, distant hills, blue skies.
Spanish plains, distant hills, relief map.
Blue lake, mountains surrounding, rocks and pine trees.
Colourful herbs and spices lined up at market.
Market, red hibiscus sweetened and dried to eat.
Dolls house, very old, wooden, open front.
Bottles of perfume, glass colour and shine.
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